Gippsland Grown Quality Plants

Why Choose Van Berkel Wholesale Nursery?

We are respected, informative and reliable growers and wholesalers of advanced trees, across Gippsland and Greater Melbourne. We are trusted by Councils, Developers and Private Landscapers for expert advice.
We grow and supply a wide variety of advanced trees for that ready-made or established look at the height and quality our customers require when they need it.
Ensuring we supply a premium product, we have identified the top varieties that work and grow well in the regions we supply to and have increased the quantity of these accordingly. These specialty species include natives, magnolias, citrus, deciduous and exotic trees predominantly, and we then source various varieties on an as needs basis for our customers.

Our Story

The Van Berkel name is synonymous with the horticulture trade in Gippsland, with the family having been involved in Horticulture since before 1953, when first arriving in Australia from Holland. The father daughter duo in Arch and Leree are at the forefront showcasing the brand with their wealth of knowledge that has been passed down through generations, which is evident in their passion and motivation for the business.

Grown in Gippsland

Gippsland based, we have two growing sites, with our primary site in Riverslea in the Maffra Macalister Irrigation District, and a secondary site in Traralgon.

Growing speciality advanced trees, with a wide array of species, such as natives, magnolias to citrus and ornamental trees, the nurseries boast a wide variety of stock to supply direct to Councils, Developers, Landscapers, Local Farmers, Wholesale Nurseries and Retailers, across the entire Gippsland region and Greater Melbourne.

Grown With Love on Our Farms

We have a long Family history in Horticulture that has been passed down through generations.  We are passionate, motivated and experienced in growing speciality advanced trees.

We grow and supply a wide variety of advanced trees for that ready-made [or established] look at the height and quality our customers require, when they need it.

We look forward to meeting you and creating future partnerships and seeing our trees and your business flourish!

Leree Van Berkel